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10k views on neocities ! - 03/06/24

woah, we got 10 thousand views on neocites! while a handful of those are webcrawlers and bots, at least 80-85% are real! thank you for visiting my website, and if you have a neocities website yourself, i wish you luck in making your own website !

- Vista

Phantasy Star Online - 21/04/24

Phantasy Star Online, usually abbreviated to just PSO, was a game from 2000 that was revolutionary for online gaming. it was one of the first massive fully online rpgs for consoles and had many features that modern games dont even have.

for example:




- NO MICROTRANSACTIONS (if you dont count the hunters license, which is basically an online pass)

all of that, on your dreamcast in the 2000s. its not without its flaws, like for example the absolutely crazy drop rates for certain rare weapons, the online play being really hard without friends, and also that it can sometimes be really infuriating for no reason, but its definitely more fun than most modern mmorpgs

- Vista

Dead Rising - 22/02/24

Dead Rising is one of my favourite games of all time. actually no- it is MY #1 FAVOURITE GAME OF ALL TIME. its amazing, and although it has many, many issues, theres a level of charm to it that i really enjoy. whether its the mall music or the atmosphere, theres something i cant explain about the game that just makes me happy. sure, its clunky, and the survivor ai is terrible, and sure, maybe the psychopaths can be extremely unfair and difficult, or maybe the insane achievements like 7 day survivor or saint, but its still so charming to me. i also loved dead rising 2 and off the record, for... the record (im not funny) and i do wish that dead rising 1 and 2 get remade one day to fix most of the issues (like giving us an actual sandbox mode in dead rising rather than the infinity mode we got) and maybe adding the ability to roam willamette like in... dead rising 4 (wait, nevermind dont add that please no) or something. oh yeah, and also make otis less annoying with the calls.

- Vista

The Persona 5 Beta, and making my own "tv channel" for this website - 26/01/24

recently, i took a look at the persona 5 beta for the ps3. im a huge fan of the persona games and when this came out on the 17th i just HAD to take a look. after a slight amount of set-up, i was able to get it running. its really interesting seeing how persona 5 could have looked, sounded and even how it would have felt. plus last surprise is amazing in the beta, despite the absence of lyn singing. anyway, i have been doing some tests with my radio station to get videos running! i have so many videos and recordings on a hard drive and i would love to put them to good use, so i thought: could i make my icecast server into more than a radio station and possibly make it more like a multimedia streaming server? i spent nearly 11 hours straight with no breaks to set up icecast to work well with my server so i might as well put it to good use, right? anyway, be sure to check that out when its done along with some other projects i have been working on.

- Vista

BS-X for the Super Famicom - 22/01/24

have you heard of the game (or interface as some like to call it) called bs-x? i doubt you have. if you do, cool! if you dont, let me tell you about it: BS-X is a game/interface for the satellaview from 1995 in japan. it lasted until 2000 when it got shutdown. how it would work is rather complicated. it would use the satellaview addon for the super famicom to connect to your sattelite dish and recieve signals, such as game roms, magazines and other things. these games were original, such as a new zelda game, or completely new franchises like satellawalker! while this was rather cool, there were limitations. the main one was that it was only in japan and the worst one was most likely the fact that it could only be played during broadcasting hours. sort of like how tvs worked, it would have select times for each game to be received. as i said before, its made to look like a game but its just a complicated interface disguised as an rpg world. it resembles earthbound in many ways, from the artstyle, to music and even the characters and how they talk. as of today, there are people working on mimicking the signals sent to the super famicom to recreate how it would of felt to play bs-x while broadcasting was still on.

- Vista

CRT TVs - 10/01/24

I got a crt tv, and with it, i can finally properly play my ps2 and ps1 without terrible artifacts from using a 4k tv! i also hooked up my xbox 360 to it and its actually really fun, despite the low amount of games actually supporting crt tvs. the xbox 360 was the last console in the "crt" era of tvs and its sad to see. they have practically no delay, look cool and have many benefits, but i guess there were many flaws with them aswell.

- Vista

Miscellaneous Updates - 21/12/23

i fixed some issues, and made it less of a mess (i guess?)

Motivation - 19/12/23

i suck at keeping motivated to do things. ill start a project and a week later start another one, completely forgetting the fact i started one a week ago. that large project is coming soon though, i just need to fix some of the bugs and then it will be ready for release. anyway, getting back on topic, it happens with everything. i will start a game and a few days later forget about the game and everything about it or i will watch a movie for about 30 minutes and then say "ill watch the rest later" and then i never do. in fact, the only reason im writing this is so that im able to keep motivated to work on more things about this site. the more i do this, the more common it will be for me to do it meaning ill do it more often.

- Vista

My Projects - 6/12/23

while im working on another project (its quite a large project and will be ready soon, i promise!) i wanted to add my older projects such as walrus racing 64 and walrus runner sunshine. keep in mind because of how neocities works, i can only add links to my github pages website or any of the files on my archive. until i have the supporter role my webgl unity games will also be on and my turbowarp projects on they will be on the "Main Page" here.

- Vista

Christmas - 5/12/23

christmas is in 20 days! this year has flown by. and so has, uhh... both of my websites? both my original and this new (worse looking, but easier to work with) website are doing great! to be honest, im considering updating my original "xp" style and adding it to this NEW AND UPGRADED website as an archived version of the site. its getting to the point where i can't work with the original website anymore because the code is too broken. i made it when i had no idea how html/css worked and although it looks good, i like the geocities style of this website at the moment.

- Vista

Neocities - 28/11/23

i have not turned this into my main website, but neocities is just too cool, i may support them to get the custom domain access so i can link it to (my domain)

- Vista

Added News Tab - 24/11/23

I added the news tab to this website, but it has been a placeholder for 4 whole days

- Vista