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this is where you will find cool things i found, such as links to things, games i made, and other small things

Mario 64 on the Web

its what its says, its mario 64, but on a web browser. it has controller support, saving and keyboard support, and widescreen along with a solid 60fps even on the worst of computers. try it out!


this is a project by, made to preserve geocities gifs and allow you to download and use them.


a project made for bandcamp, soundcloud, youtube and some other websites. allows for video and audio playback, downloads and hundreds of other features!


it is a recreation myspace in its prime, it allows for blogs, forums, private messaging, custom profiles and so much more.


webamp is a full recreation of winamp from windows 95-xp for modern web browsers. its absolutely amazing and i highly recommend you check it out! (psst, you can add it to your website!) - original

this was my original website, but it was terribly coded and put together with some glue and duct tape, so im using this website now.


this app plays hourly animal crossing music, including rain, thunder, kk songs, town tune, grandfather clock mode and other things.